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Answers to all your questions about tooth whitening treatments in Geneva and Switzerland.

What is the average cost of teeth whitening?

The average cost of teeth whitening is around CHF 500. However, this price can vary considerably depending on various factors. Among the most important factors influencing the average price of teeth whitening are :


  • The area where teeth are whitened.
  • The whitening method.
  • The duration of the teeth whitening session.
    Concentration of whitening gel used.

Since it’s very difficult to determine all these factors, we’ve compiled “how much does it cost?” to help you better understand the right price to pay for teeth whitening.

How much does teeth whitening cost in Geneva?

The average price of teeth whitening in Geneva is CHF 511.8, but can vary from a minimum of CHF 299 to a maximum of CHF 750.

In our “how much does it cost” guides, we tackled the problem of accurately determining the price of teeth whitening in Geneva by carrying out a study of prices that can easily be found on the internet. You can read the study here.

At Whitening Artists, the price of dental whitening varies from a minimum of CHF 299 to a maximum of CHF 599, depending on the case.

How to choose teeth whitening?

We know how difficult it can be to choose teeth whitening. We have some advice for you.

First, you can read our full guide here. For some quick tips read here.

But if you want some quick advice, you can follow these simple rules:

  • If you’ve never had whitening before, have a full whitening (1.5 hours). The scaling + whitening package is even better.
  • If you’ve had bleaching for 1 year or less, do a medium bleaching or lightening.
  • Don’t do home bleaching.
  • Don’t choose by price.

If you’re unsure about the prices of these treatments, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand. You can consult it here.

If you still have doubts, here are some other useful tips:

  • You can take a simple test, which you can find here.
  • Always ask your dental hygienist.
  • You can make an appointment for a dental check-up and ask as many questions as you like. At Whitening Artist, the dental check-up is free.

As scaling before whitening is always recommended, you can visit your hygienist for a dental cleaning. You can then plan your treatment.

How does dental whitening work?

Teeth whitening treatment involves a series of steps and lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the treatment:


  • The mouth is opened with a mouth opener and cotton swabs are inserted to reduce salivation.
  • A wax gel is applied to the gums to protect them from the whitening product.
  • A whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth.
  • An LED lamp is switched on and placed in front of the mouth for the required time.
  • Finally, you rinse and check the result.

To find out more about the Whitening Artists whitening procedure and discover the treatment that’s right for you,
click here.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity in some people, but is generally not considered painful.

This sensitivity is often due to the teeth’s reaction to the bleaching agents. It is usually mild and disappears shortly after treatment.

However, if you have naturally sensitive teeth, irritated gums or untreated cavities, the process can be uncomfortable.

It’s important to consult a dentist before proceeding with whitening to make sure it’s appropriate and safe for your oral health.

To find out more: We invite you to read our detailed article.

Are there any foods I shouldn't eat after teeth whitening?

Yes, after teeth whitening, it’s advisable to avoid certain foods and drinks to maintain the results.

Strongly colored foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, colored sodas, dark sauces (like soy sauce), and certain fruits and vegetables (like berries) can stain your teeth.

It’s also advisable to avoid highly acidic foods, which can increase tooth sensitivity.

Opt for color-neutral foods that are gentle on your teeth for the first few days after treatment.

To find out more: We invite you to read the full article on our website.

What is American teeth whitening?

American-style teeth whitening, often considered an advanced whitening method, uses highly concentrated whitening products, usually applied by a dental professional.

This technique may include the use of LED light or laser to accelerate and intensify the whitening process.

It is reputed to offer fast, highly visible results, making teeth several shades whiter in one or a few sessions.

However, this method may not be suitable for everyone, and requires a prior consultation with a dentist to assess oral health and tooth sensitivity.

To find out more: We encourage you to read our detailed article on American teeth whitening on our website.

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