Which teeth whitening choose: 5 foolproof tips

The experts at Whitening Artist can help you choose the teeth whitening that's right for you.

Not sure which teeth whitening to choose?

Nobody likes yellow teeth, that’s now well established, given the growing demand for teeth whitening treatments and the myriad offers and products available.

But what’s the best choice when it comes to teeth whitening?

Which teeth whitening choose: confusion and confusion

You’ve often wondered which teeth whitening to choose, Googled it and found different offers, different prices and different professionals.

All under the name of “teeth whitening”. The confusion is total!

The confusion is detrimental to the consumer.

The problem with this confusion is, as is often the case, that it is detrimental to the consumer.

It helps to instill in patients’ minds misconceptions about how to whiten teeth effectively.

The confusion also stems from the fact that, often, what is written on the Internet is not the result of in-depth research, by people who are experts in the field and have studied teeth whitening techniques, but very often by people who are simply reporting facts found in other sources.

Worse still, it’s content created purely for marketing purposes.
Added value for the consumer = 0.

The experts at Whitening Artists are here to help you

Fortunately, at Whitening Artists , we’re experts in teeth whitening technology, and we’ve done a lot of research and tested many techniques before condensing our knowledge into a series of consumer guides.

We’ve included a number of tips to help you make the right choice.

Which teeth whitening choose: 5 foolproof tips

We’ve also put together a test to help you make the right choice.

So, let’s get straight to the point and dive into this topic that’s sure to enlighten your knowledge of teeth whitening.

Which Teeth Whitening Choose

1. Always choose dental professionals

Teeth whitening is generally carried out in a dental center by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Unfortunately, some teeth whitening is also carried out by estheticians (illegal in Switzerland), in beauty centers that take care of eyelashes and nails.

Aestheticians are not medical professionals, which is why they are not authorized to carry out teeth whitening treatments.

So the first choice is obvious: always go to a dental center and never to an esthetician.

Apart from the fact that this is an illegal practice, you could be damaging your health.

Which Teeth Whitening Choose - Dental Professional

2. Dentist or dental hygienist: the preferred specializations

That’s when the second question arises. Should I have my teeth whitened at the dentist’s or the dental hygienist’s?

The answer is a little subtle: the important thing is that he knows how. This answer may seem trivial, but there are important aspects to it.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the hygienist or the dentist who performs teeth whitening; both can be qualified to carry out the treatment.

However, you should always choose a professional who specializes in the field: a dental hygiene center that specializes in whitening, or a dentist who is specialized or certified.

You wouldn’t go to a seafood restaurant for a barbecue, would you? The same goes for teeth whitening

Which Teeth Whitening Choose. - Dental Hygienist

3. Home bleaching vs. armchair bleaching: armchairs are preferable.

Once you’ve found your teeth whitening center, you need to choose the right treatment. First, you need to know what techniques are available for teeth whitening. Let’s say the techniques fall into two macro-categories:

Home bleaching

How does it work

your dentist will give you a mask and syringes containing a hydrogen peroxide-based gel. Every day, apply the gel and keep the mask on for a while.


in general, the cost may (but cannot) be lower than that of other techniques.


the convenience and ease of home treatment, without having to sit in a chair.

Disadvantages and risks

risk of bleaching gums. Risk of damaging gums. Risk of swallowing whitening gel. Risk of sub-optimal results due to lack of professional supervision. Risk of prolonged sensitivity over several days.

Armchair whitening

How does it work

your dental hygienist or dentist applies a whitening gel (generally more concentrated than the one used at home) to the surface of your tooth. The whitening agent is activated by the use of a lamp for about an hour.

There are different treatments, depending on the whitening result you want to achieve.


may vary depending on treatment time. For a more precise idea of the price range, please consult our teeth whitening price guide.


safe treatment under professional supervision. Guaranteed results with higher probability.

Disadvantages and risks

slightly higher cost (but not always). Relatively long session with the dental hygienist. Sensitivity may be limited to 24 hours after treatment.

Once you know the type of treatment and have assessed the benefits/drawbacks ratio, you can choose the treatment that’s right for you.

Expert advice:
At Whitening Artists, we never, if ever, recommend home bleaching.

The disadvantages of this technique far outweigh the advantages. However, patients are free to choose the treatment they prefer.

Which Teeth Whitening Choose - Armchair Bleaching

4. Which chairside whitening should I choose? Take the test or ask the professionals.

We understand that it’s best to go to an experienced teeth whitening professional and opt for chairside whitening. “Yes, but which one?” you ask. There are two simple ways to find out:

Go directly to your dentist or hygienist for a check-up and ask:

It’s effective, but time-consuming. At Whitening Artist, you don’t need money, because our dental consultation is free.

Go directly to your dentist or hygienist for a check-up and ask:

We’ve put together a very quick test to find out which type of teeth whitening you should choose. You can take it here. In a nutshell:  

5. Bonus Tips: Get into the details

Have your teeth cleaned:

It’s always important to remember that for teeth whitening to be effective and the results optimal, the teeth must always be clean and tartar-free, otherwise you risk whitening tartar and not teeth!

It’s always a good idea to have your teeth cleaned before whitening.

Tip: some dental practices offer low-cost cleaning+whitening packages. Choose them if you want the best possible results at the lowest price.

35% hydrogen peroxide is very high. Find out how much peroxide is contained in the bleaching products you use.

You’ll often find treatments that take less time.

This is because the products used have a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

If a tooth is exposed to a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide for a considerable time, it may experience greater shock, pain and sensitivity.

As a general rule, an application of 35% peroxide should not exceed 15 minutes. Choose less aggressive treatments with lower percentages.

At Whitening Artists, we’ve developed special techniques that blend different product applications at different concentrations to suit the specific case under study.

In this way, we always achieve the best results with the fewest possible side effects.

Which Teeth whitening Choose: Let's summarize

  • Choosing a dental whitening is complicated, and what you find on the internet isn’t helpful.
  • At Whitening Artists, we’re experts in teeth whitening techniques in Geneva and Lausanne and we’ve put together 5 simple tips.
  • Choose a dental professional, not an esthetician.
  • Choose an experienced, certified professional.
  • Chairside whitening is preferable.
  • To choose the chairside whitening that’s right for you, do a check-up with your dental hygienist or take our test.
  • Choose a complete teeth whitening+cleaning treatment.

Do you need a dental hygienist for teeth whitening in Geneva or Lausanne?

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