Teeth Whitening Price Geneva. The Ultimate Guide

Yes, we wanted to know the price of a teeth whitening in Geneva.

At Whitening Artists, we wanted to offer this service to all consumers who, traveling through the labyrinth of the web, have to do the obstacle course through sites full of useless faqs, and can’t find a clear answer to the question “how much does teeth whitening cost in Geneva?”.

Teeth whitening price in Geneva : the results

Enough blah blah, we want the numbers

Price Dental Bleaching Geneva Temperature Graph
  • The price of teeth whitening in Geneva ranges from CHF 299 to CHF 750.

  • The average cost of teeth whitening in Geneva is CHF 511.8.

  • Prices vary widely depending on the treatment.

  • The price of teeth whitening at Whitening Artist ranges from CHF 299 to CHF 599, depending on the type of whitening performed.

    This is what our survey of teeth whitening prices in Geneva shows. Simple and concise.

The study on the prices of dental whitening in Geneva

In fact, our study is both simple and effective. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see the range of prices and offers for this much sought-after dental treatment.

From now on, you won’t have to, because we’ve done it for you.

Data Collection

In fact, we simulated the behavior of a user searching Google for words like “price of teeth whitening in Geneva”, “price of teeth whitening at a dentist” or “price of teeth whitening”.

We visited every site we could find.

Not all of them had a price list, so we couldn’t find the price of all the sites, but among those that did have a price list, we marked the price of teeth whitening.

Data Analysis

Since the type of treatment can vary considerably (in terms of timing, technique and intensity, but we’ll come back to this later), the prices on the price lists also have a high range and are presented as “from” to “from”.

In presenting the data, we have therefore grouped together all the prices found.

The data presented should therefore be read as follows: for teeth whitening in Geneva, I can pay between CHF 299 and CHF 750, depending on the treatment, but in my budget, I must allow for an average expenditure of CHF 511.8.

We’ll explain why below.

Teeth whitening price in Geneva : the results

Below is a table summarizing the data collected.

Teeth Whitening Price Geneva Table

Or a graph, if you prefer data in visual form.

Teeth Whitening Price Geneva Histogram

Out of respect, we prefer to leave the names of the clinics anonymous.

The price of teeth whitening in Geneva: different treatments have different prices. What to look out for

Pay attention to the service offered

Teeth whitening is not a standardized service.

Different practices offer different procedures or methodologies to achieve specific results.

In fact, tooth whitening is differentiated by 3 main aspects.

  • Methodology : at home or in the dental chair.
  • Application time.
  • The “power” of the whitening gel.

In general, at a cost of around CHF 300, you can obtain whitening for about an hour, with results that are not always satisfactory.

In general, with a price of around 600 CHF, you can get whitening for about an hour and a half, with more radiant results.

Of course, it all depends on the patient and the specific case. At Whitening Artist, we’ve created a little test to help you decide what’s best for you.

Beware of home bleaching

Home bleaching, or chairside bleaching + home bleaching packages, are often offered.

The specialized dental hygienists at Whitening Artists do not recommend home bleaching, as it can produce sub-optimal results, but more importantly, it can be harmful to the patient’s health.

The patient risks discoloring his or her gums or swallowing whitening gel.

We consider it irresponsible for a healthcare professional to recommend home bleaching. Leave it to the experts!

Choosing the right professionals

Teeth whitening is an art (even our name says it). The whitening technique is not a fixed one, but varies according to the patient. As a result, the number of applications, the type of product applied and the length of treatment may vary depending on the patient.

At Whitening Artists, we have developed special techniques to treat each case in the best possible way, for a truly optimal cost/result ratio.

Always choose a specialized professional to get the best result for your dental case.

Remember to descale

It’s important to remember that for teeth whitening to be effective and achieve optimum results, the teeth must always be clean and free of tartar, otherwise you risk whitening tartar, not teeth!

It’s always a good idea to have your teeth scaled before whitening.

Tip: some dental practices offer scaling+whitening packages at attractive prices. Choose them if you want the best possible results at the lowest price.

What justifies the price offered by Whitening Artists?

Whitening Artists' philosophy

Whitening Artists is a dental practice based primarily on preventive dentistry and aesthetic dentistry.

We believe that if a patient has healthy teeth, they can save expensive treatments at the dentist’s due to more serious problems.

In this way, we can focus a little more on beauty and aesthetics.

That’s why we specialize in the study and development of better dental hygiene techniques.

Superior technology based on continuous research

Our dental hygienists are trained in these technologies.
Our technologies are the fruit of meticulous research and many years of experience.

Our research is continuous, and we strive to improve our techniques every year.

These factors in themselves make us unique in the teeth whitening field, and would justify a higher-than-average price. However, we want everyone to have access to our services, which is why we always try to offer the best teeth whitening price on the market.

What is included in the price of teeth whitening at Whitening Artists?

Whitening Artist offers three types of dental whitening, depending on your individual case.


Armchair whitening.
Price: CHF 70.
Duration: 15 minutes.
Teeth whitening, useful for adding a touch of shine. Recommended as an extra boost after scaling, or as regular maintenance for teeth already whitened.


Armchair whitening.
Price: CHF 299.
Duration: 1 hour.
Medium bleaching, useful for whitening teeth while maintaining a natural shade. Recommended as a maintenance treatment for previously whitened teeth.


Armchair whitening. Price: CHF 499.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Complete whitening, useful for whitening teeth and achieving a striking result.
Recommended as a first whitening treatment (if you've never had whitening before).


In addition, Whitening Artists offers combined scaling + tooth whitening treatments

Scaling + Star: CHF 399.
Scaling + Diamond: CHF 599.

Teeth whitening Price: let's wrap it up.

  • The price of tooth whitening in Geneva ranges from CHF 299 to CHF 750, with an average price of CHF 511.8.
  • Prices vary greatly depending on the type of treatment.
  • Teeth whitening is not always the same treatment. The techniques and materials used vary widely, as does the price.
  • Pay attention to the practitioner and the technique used.
  • Try to avoid home bleaching. It’s not worth the risk.
  • Try scaling before whitening, and prefer complete scaling + whitening treatments.
  • Whitening Artists is a leader in the research and application of teeth whitening techniques in Geneva and Lausanne.
  • Different types of teeth whitening can be performed by Whitening Artists. Prices range from CHF 299 to CHF 499.
  • Whitening Artists offers a combination of scaling and whitening from CHF 399.

Do you need a dental hygienist for a teeth whitening in Geneva orLausanne?

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment at one of our dental hygiene clinics.

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