Dental hygienist pricing at Whitening Artists. Our dental hygiene clinic prices: reasonable and straightforward.

The reason for Whitening Artists' dental hygienist prices

Basic dental treatments are always affordable.

Whitening Artist sees itself as a hyper-specialized dental practice for dental hygiene and esthetic dental treatments. Our philosophy is to offer typical dental hygiene treatments at a price everyone can afford.

With good dental hygiene, you can save money on dental care and enjoy aesthetic treatments like teeth whitening, always at a reasonable price.

That’s our formula for making your visit to the dental hygienist a pleasure.

Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Prices for dental hygiene treatments performed by our hygienists

Dental Cleaning
Cleaning+ Polissage Airflow + Stains  Removal + Dental Check-up     139.-
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Children Dental Cleaning
Cleaning+ Polissage Airflow + Stains  Removal + Dental Check-up
0-10 yrs         89.-
10-15 yrs        120.-
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Dental Stains Removal
Dental stains removal with Airflow Max        50.-
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Cavities Protection
Application of an anti-cavities protective gel      29.-
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Cavity treatment
Treatment to stop initial cavity formation       150.-

Dental desensitization
Desensitization of sensitive teeth.       49.-
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Teeth Whitening

Prices for dental whitening performed by our hygienists.
All our whitenings are performed in the dental chair by a specialized dental hygienist.
Please note: scaling is always recommended before tooth whitening.

Strong Teeth Whitening : Diamond
Recommended for first-time bleaching.        499.-
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Medium Teeth Whitening : Star
Recommended for natural whiteness or maintenance.       299.-
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Teeth Brightening : Snap
Recommended as maintenance after descaling.     70.-
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Descaling and Whitening

Scaling and Whitening Package Price.
For exceptional results at the lowest price.

Scaling and Whitening : Star
Scaling+ Polissage Airflow + Check-up+ Whitening : Star        438.-  399 .-
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Scaling and Whitening : Diamond
Scaling+ Polissage Airflow + Check-up+ Whitening : Diamond        638.-  599 .-
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