Teeth Whitening Lausanne and Geneva - DIAMOND

With our Teeth Whitening in Lausanne and Geneva make your teeth as bright as ever!

Hello ! Your dental hygienist explains our teeth whitening in Lausanne and Geneva : DIAMOND.

Our DIAMOND teeth whitening is the most complete. If you’ve never had a dental whitening before, or if your previous whitening was unsatisfactory, this is the one for you!

DIAMOND will give you excellent results, because we use a blend of different products adapted to your case. Try it and see for yourself!

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Teeth Whitening Lausanne Geneva : our formula DIAMOND

We have developed a tooth whitening method specifically formulated to minimize discomfort, improve well-being and guarantee optimal results without causing damage to teeth.

Goodbye pain

Thanks to our whitening technique, cases of tooth sensitivity are rare (depending on individual sensitivity and tooth condition).

Our Special Formula

Thanks to years of experience in the field of dental technology, we have developed a formula that allows the use of different whitening products.

White teeth guaranteed

Thanks to our formula, we can adapt the treatment to each patient and each type of tooth color. So teeth whiteness is always assured.

Teeth Whitening Lausanne Geneva: the DIAMOND protocol

a step-by-step explanation. détartrage Genève Lausanne.

Scaling before teeth whitening: is it mandatory?

Yes, scaling is strongly recommended before teeth whitening. Scaling is an essential step in preparing your teeth for the whitening process.

Scaling, also known as professional dental cleaning, involves removing plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth.

These deposits can alter the whitening result by interfering with the penetration of the whitening agents.

Teeth Whitening Lausanne and Geneva

Whitening DIAMOND

499 CHF
  • 90 min. Whitening
  • Dental Check-up
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Stains Removal
  • Remineralising Treatment

DIAMOND + Cleaning + Remineralise

648 CHF
  • 90 min. Whitening
  • Dental Check-up
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Stains Removal
  • Remineralising Treatment

Teeth Whitening Lausanne Geneva DIAMOND : Let's recap !

Diamond tooth whitening is performed using a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel applied to the teeth and an LED lamp.

It is essential that this procedure be carried out under the supervision of a dental hygienist or dentist to guarantee its effectiveness and safety.

The aim of chairside tooth whitening is to give teeth a brighter, more attractive appearance without affecting or ruining the patient’s enamel and health.

It can help restore people’s confidence by improving the harmony of their smile and creating an impression of youth and vitality.

Diamond is a teeth whitening treatment, perfect for those who have never had it done before and for those who want to achieve a brilliant white. Our dental hygienist will apply different whitening gels depending on the initial shade of each tooth. It’s certainly the most comprehensive treatment available.



What are the different options for improving tooth whiteness?

First and foremost, maintaining good oral hygiene and frequent visits to remove stains will keep your teeth permanently white. Various types of whitening can be carried out at the dental surgery and maintained at home with anti-stain toothpastes.

What causes stains on teeth and how can they be avoided?

The causes can be manifold: smoking, colored drinks (tea, coffee, red wine, cola, etc.), red fruit, colored sauces, and many others. Stains can be removed quickly and easily in the practice with our airflow, and maintained at home with anti-stain toothpastes (not too abrasive).

What's the difference between internal and external bleaching?

Internal bleaching is performed on a devitalized tooth, by applying a bleaching agent to the inside of the tooth. External bleaching is applied to the tooth surface.

What is the average cost of chairside teeth whitening at the dentist?

Costs vary according to the method used and the geographic region. On average, the cost of dental bleaching in Switzerland at the dentist’s or dental hygienist’s office is between CHF 400 and CHF 800.

What are the advantages of chairside tooth whitening over at-home treatments?

Chairside tooth whitening offers faster, more visible results, being carried out by qualified professionals. In contrast, at-home treatments can take longer to achieve similar results, and are more dangerous.

Are there any contraindications to chairside tooth whitening?

Certain pre-existing dental conditions or medical treatments may contraindicate chairside tooth whitening. It is essential to consult your hygienist or dentist to assess your eligibility for this type of treatment.

Is chairside tooth whitening painful or uncomfortable?

This depends on the products used and the individual’s sensitivity. In most cases, patients have little or no sensitivity.

Can I use toothpaste to whiten my teeth at home?

Commercial toothpastes can help keep teeth white, but they can’t whiten them.

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