More than a dental office

“Whitening Artists is a dental practice born from a dental hygienist‘s passion for health and prevention …”

Is that what you always read on dental clinic pages? If so, get ready to find out why.

Because the dental field is boring!

can a dental practice also be pleasant?

Don't fancy having your teeth scaled?

We believe it!

Everyone thinks it, we say it. And we at Whitening Artists are just as bored as you are. We want to do more.

We can’t turn a dental hygiene session into a Disneyland attraction, but we can at least try to make your visit to the dental hygienist a pleasure, not a torture.

We can contribute to your 360-degree well-being.

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What is Whitening Artists, Hygienistes Dentaires? Isn't it a dental practice?

But yes! The best! But we’re also more..

Why the name Whitening Artists, Hygienistes Dentaires?

Let's start with our brand name and analyze it.

Cabinet Dentaire Logo

Hygiénistes Dentaires

Our essence is dental hygiene and prevention.

We are a team of highly qualified dental hygienists who have been trained specifically in patient comfort protocols by our head hygienist, Laura.

Laura holds a diploma in dental hygiene and a master’s degree in new technologies for dental hygiene, as well as many years’ experience in research and consulting for major dental companies.

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Our specialty is teeth whitening.

We have experienced many teeth whitening products and techniques in the past, thanks to which we can now say that we have created the perfect whitening protocol that can be tailored to each patient.

Hygiéniste Dentaire Teeth Whitening Logo


Because we love art and beauty.

We collaborate with many aesthetic dental professionals: orthodontists, dentists, doctors specializing in dental veneers and beauty.

We believe that every smile is a work of art, requiring the best techniques and the best professionals. That’s why we call ourselves “Artists”.

Cabinet Dentaire Artists Logo

Et voilà the name Whitening Artists

You’ll always see Greek statues or artwork on our site and in our graphics. Because that’s our essence, our identity.

To sum up: Whitening Artists is a dental practice based on hygiene and prevention and specializing in teeth whitening and dental aesthetics.

But wait… that’s not all.

Cabinet Dentaire Logo Statue

Have you ever seen a dental practice with a Mission?

We have one:

“Going to the dental hygienist should not be perceived as a pain, but as a pure pleasure”.

And by that, we mean not just the absence of pain during a scaling :
  • We want to eliminate fear of the dentist.
  • We want to make you more beautiful and confident.
  • We want to save you money by avoiding expensive dental treatments.
  • We want to make you smile when you think of us.
In short: we want to contribute to your overall psychophysical well-being.
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Dental cleaning + Whitening =
Health + Beauty =
Happiness + saving money

Think of it as a recipe, a formula on which we base our convictions:

cabinet dentaire genève

And we want to make you laugh

We want to be funny, because what’s the point of creating a beautiful smile if you don’t want to laugh? Please forgive us if you find any unusual content on our social pages…

Do you now believe that Whitening Artitsts is more than just a dental practice?

We sincerely hope so! But if you still have doubts, give us a chance!

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