Dental Cleaning Geneva and Lausanne

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Dental cleaning removes tartar and plaque from the teeth.

This promotes better oral health and prevents problems associated with bacterial build-up. At our dental hygiene clinic in Geneva and Lausanne, we use the GBT protocol.
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The dental cleaning in Geneva and Lausanne with the GBT technique

The Guided Biofilm Therapy is ad advances technique developed by EMS. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it enables dental cleanings to be carried out with excellent results and greater comfort for the patient.

No Pain Cleaning

thanks to a water jet called Airflow, teeth are cleaned gently and painlessly.

More Rapid

Thanks to new technologies, tartar treatment is more effective. A session lasts 45 minutes on average.

Less Expensive

Optimal use of resources means dental hygiene care at a best price. At Whitening Artists, scaling is affordable.

Dental Cleaning Geneva and Lausanne: the "protocol Whitening Artists"

step by step.

Why don't we do more polish with abrasive cups?

We no longer polish with abrasive brushes/cups because they scratch and damage teeth over time, increasing the build-up of bacteria and stains.

This step is replaced by the use of Airlfow, whose mission is to remove stains and bacteria. We prefer to call this step “Airflow polishing”.

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Dental Cleaning Geneva and Lausanne

Dental Cleaning

139 CHF
  • Check-up
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Stains removal
  • 15 min. whitening
  • Cavities Protection

Cleaning + Whitening + Protection

238 CHF
  • Check-up
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Stains Removal
  • 15 min. Whitening
  • Cavities Protection


How to book a dental cleaning in Geneva or Lausanne

You can book a dental cleaning in Geneva at our dental office in Rive or at our dental practice in Geneva city center. You can book a scaling in Lausanne at our dental hygiene center in Manor. Booking is very simple. It can be done :
  • Online on this page
  • calling the +41 78 238 27 70
  • sending an e-mail à
You can find all our contacts clicking on this link.

What is the price of a dental cleaning in Geneva?

The average price of a scaling in Geneva is CHF 164.3. The minimum price is CHF 139, while the maximum is CHF 200.

A dental scaling at Whitening Artists costs CHF 139.

You can read our prices guide of dental services in Geneva for extensive information on the cost of dental scaling and other services.

How long does scaling typically take?

The duration of dental scaling varies according to the extent of tartar build-up. Generally, it takes between 30 minutes and an hour for a complete cleaning.

How often should I have my teeth scaled?

The recommended frequency of dental scaling varies according to your oral condition. As a general rule, every 6 months is recommended to maintain good oral health.

What should I do after dental scaling?

After dental scaling, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Follow your hygienist’s or dentist’s recommendations, which may include regular brushing, flossing and follow-up visits to assess your dental health.

What are the signs that I need emergency dental scaling?

Some signs include red, swollen gums, persistent bad breath, sensitive teeth and visible stains on the teeth. If you experience these symptoms, it’s time to see your dental hygienist for scaling.

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