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cabinet hygiène dentaire Genève Rhone

Rue du Rhone 61

1204 Genève – C/O Ortholight
+41 78 238 27 70

Our Geneva dental hygienist practice, located on Rue du Rhône 61, is on the third floor of an old building in the heart of the city center, just a stone’s throw from the lake. Opened in 2020, a strong bond was immediately established between the teams at Whitening Artists and creato un forte legame tra i team di Whitening Artists e Ortholight.

cabinet hygiène dentaire Genève Molard

Place du Molard 5

1204 Genève – C/O Clinique Cleage
+41 78 238 27 70
The practice at Place du Molard 5 was inaugurated in 2023 and is located in Geneva’s nerve center, within the Clinique Cleage, a polyclinic for doctors and healthcare professionals.
cabinet hygiéne dentaire Lausanne

Manor Lausanne

Rue de la Louve 8 – 1003 Lausanne – C/O Le Studio Manor
+41 78 238 27 70 – 021 321 36 60

In 2022, Whitening Artists began a collaboration with Manor Lausanne and, exceptionally, set up an office in the department store.
It was a truly successful experiment to place a dental hygiene practice in an environment as diverse and varied as Manor.