Dental Checkup

Your Smile, Our Priority : Dental Checkup for Everybody

The dental checkup : a crucial step in our oral health.

A dental check-up or visit to the dentist is more than just a formality. It’s an essential preventive measure to maintain good oral health. Ignoring these annual visits can lead to more serious and potentially costly dental problems in the future.

That’s why the free dental exam is one of the pillars of Whitening Artists.

dental checkup

The "Whitening Artists Formula"

The dental visit is part of a special formula we’ve developed from our years of experience in dental hygiene. Follow it for a naturally healthy smile.

Dental Checkup

Come in for a free dental visit. Our dental hygienist will thoroughly evaluate your case.

Dental Cleaning

Take a professional dental cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and clean at all times.

Teeth Whitening

Add a dental whitenings. Snap, Star ou Diamond selon votre cas.


Repeat the formula every 6 months and follow your dental hygienist's instructions at home.

Why a free dental checkup?

Whitening Artists is a dental hygiene clinic in Geneva, built around dental prevention.

Our mission is to educate patients about good dental hygiene habits.

We believe that offering this dental care free of charge is an ethical obligation to our patients.

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The Dental Checkup at Whitening Artists

Starting your dental hygiene course with an examination has countless advantages

Early detection of dental problems

Long-term savings on dental care costs

Improving general oral health

Preventing cavities and gum disease

Personalized advice for better dental care

Reduced risk of dental pain

Maintaining a healthy, radiant smile

Contributes to better overall health

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