Dental cleaning cost in Geneva. The Ultimate Guide

Tired of googling the dental cleaning cost in Geneva and coming across the usual FAQ that never answers anything?

We’ve carried out a real study of dental cleaning prices in Geneva, and are finally going to answer the question: “how much does scaling cost in Geneva”?

Dental cleaning cost : give me the figures now!

Price Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning cost in Geneva

average price : 164.3 .-

minimum price : 139 .-

maximum price : 200 .-

dental cleaning cost at Whitening Artists: 139 .-

Detailed information on the dental cleaning cost in Geneva

Let’s take a closer look at these figures, how the price of dental scaling was calculated and how the data for the calculation was collected.

How were the data collected?

The data collection method is very simple. A search was carried out on the words “price of dental scaling”, “price of dental scaling geneva”, “price of dental scaling dentist”.

From the results obtained, we selected all the sites that present a price list and where the price of scaling is specified.

How the data was processed.

Data on scaling prices were presented in a table. Some sites presented a list of prices “from” or a range of prices “from-to”.

In the former case, we took into account the price indicated, while in the latter, we averaged the lowest and highest prices.

This enabled us to calculate a minimum, average and maximum price.

Dental cleaning cost in Geneva : detailed results

And here are all the data we were able to obtain with this methodology, in table form.

Dental Cleaning Cost Geneva Table

And also in graphic form if you prefer

Dental Cleaning Cost Geneva

Out of respect, we prefer to leave the names of the clinics anonymous.

What's included in the dental cleaning cost in Geneva? Watch out!

There is a wide range of services on offer, all of which are included in the price of dental scaling. How do you know what’s useful and what’s not?

What’s been added just to inflate the price or for good old-fashioned marketing?

We’ll give you some tips on how to navigate the great sea of dental scaling offers.

X-rays. Reducing the risk of cancer

X-rays are often included in dental check-ups and scaling treatments.

We remind you that dental X-rays are recommended once a year for a general check-up, and more than once only in strictly necessary cases.

Be careful not to pay more than necessary!

Dental Polishing. An obsolete technique

The term polishing comes from an old technique using abrasive materials, which has now fallen into disuse.

New technologies have also made it possible to achieve better results in dental cleaning.

Beware of those who write “polishing” in treatments, as you risk being disappointed or paying for a non-existent service.

Read here why this technique is no longer preferable.

The quality of our professionals

It sounds obvious, but always make sure that the professionals performing your scaling treatment are qualified dental hygienists.

Legally, only dental hygienists and dentists can perform these treatments, not prophylactic assistants!

You can read about how we train dental hygienists at Whitening Artists here.

Why is the price of a dental cleaning so low at Whitening artists?

The short answer

It’s mainly a question of ethics towards our patients.

The long answer

We are a dental hygiene clinic founded on the values of prevention and dental hygiene.

Our aim is to guide patients towards better management of their dental hygiene.

Scaling is a fundamental treatment for maintaining optimal dental health, which is why we want this treatment to be accessible to everyone, and why we offer affordable prices. Take it as a rule:

"At Whitening Artists, scaling is not expensive"

The pillars of good dental hygiene:

Our other pillars are :

  • the application of the most modern dental technology.
  • The ongoing training and high quality of our dental hygienists.

These two points alone would justify a higher scaling price for our dental clinic.

That’s why we’ve chosen to put the well-being of our patients first and offer better value for money. The wallet smiles and the patient smiles.

What is included in the dental cleaning cost of Whitening Artists?

Whitening Artists offers the following dental cleaning services

Dental Check-up

With one of our dental hygienists. We have decided to include X-rays only when necessary, to minimize potential risks to patients.


With new technologies and the GBT protocol for a pleasant, pain-free experience.

Dental Stains Removal

When cleaning your teeth, the Airflow technology we use also removes all those nasty brown spots on your teeth. Remember, this is not polishing!

Dental Cleaning Cost : let's wrap-up

  • The average price of a scaling in Geneva is CHF 164.3, according to our research.
  • The minimum price is CHF 139, the maximum CHF 200.
  • Whitening Artists teeth scaling costs CHF 139.
  • Always pay attention to the services offered and the professional performing the dental treatment.
  • Whitening Artists offers lower-than-average prices for an ethical mission: to make dental hygiene accessible to all.
  • A Whitening Artists teeth cleaning includes: a check-up with a dental hygienist, dental cleaning and stain removal.

Do you need a dental hygienist for scaling in Geneva or Lausanne?

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment at one of our dental hygiene clinics.

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