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Whitening Artists was born of dental hygienist Laura Chiavazza's passion for dental prevention and aesthetics.

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Dr. Laura Chiavazza

Dental Hygienist, Founder
Laura was born in Turin in 1989. She obtained her diploma of “Doctor in Dental Hygiene” in 2014 from the University of Turin and her master’s degree in “Advanced Technologies in Dental Hygiene” from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 2018. She started working in Switzerland in 2014 and opened her first dental hygiene practice (Whitening Artists) in 2020.

Languages spoken:
Italian, French, English
Her hobbies:
good food, good wine and hotels (with spas, of course!).
You can find her at:
  • Geneva office – Place du Molard 5
  • Geneva office – Rue du Rhone 61
  • Manor Lausanne office.
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Dr. Ariel Bernier

Dental Hygienist
Ariel is an Italian-Belgian dental hygienist who graduated in Milan in 2018. She is very empathetic, kind and gentle;

Spoken languages:
English, French and Italian.
Her passions: hiking with her golden retriever and playing ultimate frisbee.
You can find her at:
  • Geneva office – Place du Molard 5
  • Geneva office – Rue du Rhone 61.
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Dr. Elena Togni

Dental Hygienist
Elena is an Italian dental hygienist who graduated in Siena in 2016. Her passion for her work was born in a family of dentists of Tuscan origin, and she arrived in Geneva to meet patients’ needs and enrich her whitening skills at Whitening Artists. She’s friendly, welcoming and sunny.

Languages spoken:
Italian, French, English.
Her passions:
motorcycle touring, walks in the mountains or by the lake.
You can find her at:
Cabinet de Genève – Place du Molard 5.
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Dr. Serin Ajimi

Dental Hygienist
Serin is an Italian-Tunisian dental hygienist, born in Milan and graduated from the Università degli studi Insubria – Varese in 2018. She is currently completing her studies in nutrition;

Languages spoken
: English, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, sign language.
Her passions:
traveling, sports, drawing and shopping.
You can find her at:
Lausanne office.
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Dr. Francesco Ferrini

Dentist, Professor
Francesco graduated from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in 1991. In 2014, he became a contract professor and clinical and scientific consultant for the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.

He has written several scientific articles, on the most important Dental Scientific Journals. He is an active member of the Digital Dental Society and an expert in digital dentistry, dental esthetics and invisible orthodontics. His practice in Rome is a “Platinum Provider Invisalign”.

He is very active in voluntary work in Kenya, where he provides professional care at St Peter’s Hospital in Malindi and assistance and training in oral disease prophylaxis for orphans at St Dominus School in Watamu.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French
His passions : Travel and teeth! You can find him at: Geneva office – Rue du Rhone 61
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Dr. Antoine Meley

Dr. Antoine Meley is a dentist (exclusive dentofacial orthopedics) and a graduate of the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Paris.

Dr. Antoine Meley, exclusive orthodontist in Geneva since 1988, is involved in research and recent technological advances. He is able to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding patient base through the use of ultra-discreet, minimally invasive techniques.

Founder of Ortholight, our partner orthodontic practice.

Languages spoken: French, English.
His passions: his planes.
You can find him at: Geneva office – Rue du Rhone 61
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Dr. Marisa Gomes

Dr. Gomes obtained her master’s degree in dentistry in Lisbon in 2011, and after working as a general practitioner and then as an exclusive pedodontist in private practice, she turned to orthodontics, graduating in 2015 with a diploma in dento-maxillo-facial orthopedics.

Dr. Gomes has continued to perfect her skills in her field through various training courses, including vestibular technique, lingual technique and transparent aligner technique with the Invisalign and Spark methods. She provides orthodontic treatment for adults and children. For children, she offers a comprehensive approach aimed at identifying functional disorders that may be at the root of orthodontic problems. Early interception of functional disorders in children enables effective treatment.

Languages spoken: French, English, Portuguese
You can find her at: Geneva office – Rue du Rhone 61 Vous pouvez la trouver: Cabinet de Genève – Rue du Rhone 61
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Sephora Yap

Dental Assistant
Diplômé depuis 2012 à Neuchâtel. Elle aime beaucoup les contacts avec la patientèle. Toujours à l’écoute , serviable et disponible pour les patients.

Langues parlées: français, anglais, mandarin, cantonais et le malais.
Vous pouvez la trouver: Cabinet de Genève – Rue du Rhone 61
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Fabiola Cacciatore

Web Marketing Specialist – Digital Content Creator
Fabiola has been working as a graphic designer at Whitening Artists since it opened. Immediately after her studies in Media Art, she worked as a Project Manager in Italy and then in New York as an event planning assistant in a public relations agency.

Since 2019, she has been living in Switzerland, where she works as a specialist in the digital world and carries an artistic project that combines fashion and art and through which she supports scientific research: FAB!OLART, art from woman to women.
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Giulio Grossi, Ph.D.

Expert Business Strategy and Development
Giulio studied particle physics at university. He is also a Data Analyst: he was analyzing data at CERN’s LHC proton collider.

He also studied finance in 2018, and obtained another Master’s degree + a CFA Level1.

He now does Asset Management and Quantitative Finance, but also engages in various Data Science projects. He engages in any data-related activities he finds interesting.

With his MBA studies, he also has a good in-depth knowledge of business administration, which is why he started working with us to develop Whitening Artists.

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French.
His passions : The Lord of the Rings and its author, Tolkien; board and card games; physics; finance.
Cabinet Rhone
Rue du Rhône 61, 1204 Genève
Cabinet Molard
Place du Molard 5, 1204 Genève
Le Studio Manor
Rue de la Louve 8, 1003 Lausanne
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